Writer's Block: Parlez-vous francais?

What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

I haven't much else to do but to answer this.

I speak three languages coherently, and one other not sooo coherently, but enough to get me by. I speak French, Spanish, and German, then other is Italian. I have learned French the longest (7 years), German for only 2, and Spanish I have spoken since I was a baby. Italian I picked up through my French and Spanish. Out of these languages, German is my best, eventhough my transitions are better in French. I speak German very well and am really advanced for my years.  But I think this has to do with me having just lived a month and half in Germany. Before this, I wasn't so great at German, could barely have a conversation, but now I can type, write, speak, etc very easily with native speakers (which I do everyday). So since then, my German has excelled and surpassed my French, which makes me quite sad. I feel as though I am forgetting my French now, especially since now I won't even be taking French my first quarter, only German. BOOOOOOO.

Other than this, I do know some Russian and some Finnish. In Russian I can say little words like "karandash" (pencil), "stuhl" (chair), "pol" (floor), "studienka" (student) (and many others) as well as sentences like "ja amerikanka" "ja samantha" blah blah blah "poka" "spasiba" "privjet" "kak dila". And with Finnish I know also random words like "vadelma" (raspberry), "vitun idiootti" (fucking idiot), and phrases like "mina' rakastan sinua" (I love you) "hyvaa' yo'ta'" (goodnight) "perkele" (damn) "kiitos" (thank you) "mita' kuuluu" (how are you) "ei" (no) "hei" (hi) and other various words.

I'm sort of obsessed  with languages and I hope to take Russian during the Univesity. Right now I am in my niche of German and I plan on focusing on it. Hopefully one day living there.


So bin ich ohne dich, du haelst mich mir fehlt nichts...

Lass mich nie mehr looooooooooos.

A very wonderful two weeks in my life that I won't forget. Two people that mean very much to me and I can't wait to see again in 7 weeks. The boy came, I've gained a sister, and joy was amongst emotions. My heart is broken now that they are back in Germany because now Ohio just seems that much less important anymore. But! June 13th <3

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Fuck, I can't wait for my boy to get here on Sunday. Nor can I wait to go to Europe this summer. Nor can I wait until I graduate.
I feel like I need to start getting on here again, it's been a very, very long time. I have no idea what is going on anymore.
I feel sooooo lost. GNAH.


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Here's the situation, I've been to every nation, but nobody makes me feel the way that you do...


Ew. So I have a bladder infection. That's not very pretty at all. I'm not enjoying it that much either. It's been going on ever since Saturday and I constantly feel like I have to pee. It's keeping me up late at night, sitting in the bathroom or in the bathtub because I don't feel comfortable any other way. Then of course, my butt gets sore from the stupid toilette seat (which I know this is something you all want to know). Well, today, I finally gave up and went to the doctor's. Since Rebecca (my new house-mate) got in an accident a couple weeks ago, we don't have the car and have been having to take the bus to school. I have to go out at 6:40am to catch it. So this morning on the bus, my bladder was irritating me so much I couldn't handle it. I had to call my mother and tell her I wanted to go home. Since my brother had is driving test today, she was with him and couldn't come get me, so I had to call my grandmother to come get me. Urgh. So being the good student (ahaha) that I am, I went to my French teacher and took my French quiz over the future tense (easy as pie stuff). So I said goodbye to my friends, went home, put sweats on, ate oatmeal, and watched the finale of America's Next Top Model. Then the doctor's, got diagnosed with a bladder infection, and now here I am in my chair, with the dance/electro channel on TV turn on.

Other than this not much is new...that's a fat lie, a lot has happened since my last post here. But I don't exactly feel like talking about it. I did casually ask Berto to the Winter Formal this year, but he said it depends on whether or not he goes. Which isn't as good as a yes, but it wasn't a flat out no. Which I mean, I really was not expecting a yes. At all. And I still need to figure out what to get him for his birthday, which is less than two weeks ago. I've already done a lot for him. I swear, he has me wrapped around his finger without knowing it and I don't mind it. I buy school books for him so he doesn't lose points, I help him with homework, I remind him of things he needs to do, etc. Haha. The other day I gave him my iPod to get the music off of like he let me do with his, and at 8pm I get a text saying "Saaaam I don't know how to get the music". I wanted smack him, he is a dork, taking it without even knowing how to get the music. So I called him, and we talked for probably an hour trying to figure it out. I know how to do it, but it was hard to tell him how to do anything since his computer is in Italian so he has no idea what "tools" is or "folder options". And in the mean time while we were doing that we were trying to plan his birthday. I don't know, I feel like 27 Dresses and he is my George. I do everything for him, I'm "madly in love" with him (ahahah), and he doesn't think one bit of me like that, just appreciates me. Sigh.

And I'm not even going to talk about football recently. I can't, I just can't. I'm so frustrated over the Clasico. I'm still recovering and it makes me want to run to Germany and go hug Raul and cry into his chest. Though I can comment on how happy I am that Liverpool have picked up a bit, I mean I know they have still been tying and losing, but hey, there have been some wins too hich is great! Oh and Thanksgiving, ugh, I hate it, because then for a week straight that's all my mom makes for dinner: leftovers.

Anywho, I haven't really been active on here, but that's because a) I forgot about this place, b) I've been really busy with people and not doing my research paper, c) too tired. Hopefully I will start back up a bit again soon enough. I've also been working on college applications. So far I have turned in four (Ohio State, University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, and Penn State), I just have to turn in my Michigan application then I'm done! I just have to freak out about whether or not I'm going to get accepted.

And I got a cute shirt from Gap. I'm am in love with their new selection of clothes this season.


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DJ's got us falling in love again...

Last night was Homecoming. Very, very good night. Ingrid came over at about 2:50 and we were to pick up Henning at 3:20 since dinner reservations were at four. DUMB HENNING. I text him at 3:10 asking if he was ready and he replies with "DON'T COME YET I JUST PUT MY PANTS ON". So I told him he has ten minutes, we go over and he leans out the front door and shakes his tie at me and tells me to come in. So Ingrid I go and turns out neither he nor his house mother know how to tie a tie. So we go he blasts the music and we go to Sevara's to get her. Her family wants pictures with us then they want pictures with her and Henning is mumbling "Whyyyyy didn't they do this before????" >.> After Sevara's I go get Pedro and we go to Bravo's. We were late, but so was everyone else that wasn't Livana. Everyone looked so pretty it made me so happy. (Becky and Kamila were an hour late) Though I will say that Kamila looked like a word-for-a-not-so-modest-girl, I was pretty disgusted with how much make-up she had on and how her hair was done. If she would have worn it down she would have looked really pretty, but instead she just looked like she was ready to work a corner.

Dinner was nom nom and afterwards we went to Cox Arboretum for pictures. Henning, I swear. We had homecoming in my car before it even started. He blasted Watagottapitusberry about six times, he couldn't get enough of it and he would stick his head and hands out the window trying to get Alberto's attention, who was in Jacobs car, I swear, he's six-years-old. Pictures were great, we thought the bridge might break from how many people were on it and Alberto and I had a nic conversation as we looked for the restrooms. He's really determined to speak French with me it makes me laugh. After pictures we were all getting in the car and Henning blasts "Das Geht Ab" and I have Alex and Niels flying into the back of my car singing loudly with it and Henning dancing outside the door, the two wouldn't get out until my other FES' babies came and told them to go with Celeste like they were supposed too. We went to go get Sevara's ticket since she had left at home (cue more blasting of music, including: Pitbull, Juanes, Die Aertze, Guru Josh Project, and Kelis) and we pull up into school, Henning once again turns on Pitbull and we seemed so BA. HA. Better than what Matt Morgan had playing (Good Girls Go Bad) so at least we had some better swag going on.

The dance was fun, I will say that. We were all broken off (that's what we get for having a huge group) and for about an hour I couldn't find Kamila and Becky but when I finally did they were with Alberto, Alex, Jacob and Niels, and Kamila is between Niels and Alex and Becky is with Jacob, and I'm just like oh..ok. And then Kamila pushed me over to Alberto, trying to get me to dance with him and I'm just like "noooo" but Alberto grabbed me and I'm just like :X Okay, yeah, Alberto is sort of beautiful but I mean, I reaaallly just did not want to take the chance of making anything awkward between us (which I think it might have. Thanks Kami.) But my dance partners consisted of Niels, Alberto, and Jacob. Sort of pissed I didn't stick to one guy like a did at Prom, but I don't know, it just felt so wrong dancing with Ali, I couldn't do it.

Anywho, then it was time for the after-party at Ceresy and Jhosye's house. On our way there Henning asks "HOW MUCH TIME" "Ten minutes" "SWEEEET, I do a strip tease now!" *COUGH* I'm surprised I was even to keep my eyes on the road when he took his shirt off (he was drennnnnched in sweat, it was really gross). And he was like "Shirt of, one...two...three...window down...AH WOAHHHH" his shirt nearly flew out of his hands as he stuck it outside the window! The dumb dumb was trying to dry it off! And we pull up past Rite-Aid and a gas station and he says to us "HEY HEY GO THERE! TAKE ME TO MY HOUSE SO I CAN GET A NEW SHIRT! I LIVE JUST RIGHT THERE!" and I tell him "Henning, you don't live there" "YES I DO!" "Nooooo, you live all the way over there, because that's where I live!" "What?? No I live right here! I want to go get a shirt real quick" 'HENNING THIS ISN'T YOUR HOUSE" "....ooooooooooh....HAHAHHAHAHA" >.>

The after-party was acutally a ton of fun, and Ingrid, Sevara, and I all agreed that it was actually more fun than homecoming. The music was so much better. Tons of Spanish music, Dance music, none of that bad rap music. That just wasn't fun to dance to at Homecoming. Niels and I danced a bit there, but mostly I danced with Sergio...which I don't even remember how that happened. I, ahem, don't know. But oh, God. Henning and Kamila. Like seriously, Kamila really was not helping herself the way she danced and stuff. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but I couldn't help but laugh. Poor Becky and Kamila...those guys won't be able to ever take themn seriously. At the dance when I was getting ready to go find Ingrid and Pedro, I heard Niels say to Alberto "we need to go somewhere, but we can't get rid of those two girls, they keep following us." I snickered, left and when I was at the table, there is Kamila and Becky following Alberto, Niels, and Alex. I went and got some water, came back to my table and found the girls sitting there and Kamila goes "Your European friends take forever in the bathroom" I wonder why...oh yeah, cause they ditched you. And when Henning was dancing with Kamila, he and I would make face at each other and mouth things and hahahahahahaa. I seem like a horrible friend, but the things Henning said, she deserved it. I just, haha you should see these Europeans dance, it was so funny I loved it.

But we had to leave at about 1:30 so I could take Pedro home and dear lord, Henning. I swear. GOOBER. He kept telling me how to drive and I swear I can't believe I didn't crash with how much he kept distracting me. And after I dropped Kamila off, he and I started fighting a bit (not mean, playful) in German. I swear, he has no idea where he lives.

Then we took Sevara home and then Ingrid and I went back to my house and crashed. And I'm still dead tired, hince as to why this sucks.
RAFA smile

A few words.

So far it's been a pretty good weekend. I went out with Kami last night to the Greene and I saw Isa, Alex, and Ismail. Isa remembered my name which is a good sign and then Kami and I pumped it up to Ultimate Dance Hits 1997. Rafael Nadal has made it to the finals of the US Open and right now I'm watching Novak battle his way past Federer. I really hope Novak beats him, I really do. Ohio State is currently winning 33-17 against Miami (FL). There is a reason we are number two in the nation: we are kick ass. Arsenal beat Bolton 4-1 and Vela scored (yes, it's on n' poppin') and Madrid beat Osasuna 1-0. Not to mention Barcelona lost 2-0 to Hercules. It's been a great day in sports so far for me. I also went to the Italian fest today and got an Italian sausage, so gelato, tiramusu, canolli, and wine. I'm not sure what's up for tonight, maybe nothing, maybe something, who knows. Tomorrow is the Greek fest though, woot.

New layout if you couldn't tell. I decided it was time for something new. I like my old stylesheet, quite a lot and it took me a while to find a new one that fit the sort of things I like, but I'm quite content with this one.

And last, but definitely not least, Benji, happy belated birthday, Dear. I said I'd make something pretty, and I believe I have. I hope everything is going well for you and I hope to talk to you soon <3


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KAKA dead

I'm being a bitch and I blame it on Mou.

I just had an epiphany. A really big one that makes me want to take it all back and wish I had never figured it out, but it's all clicking and starting to make sense. This summer has been complete hell and I haven't been able to figure out why. I've been so happy the past year and now, for some reason, everything is crashing and I can't find a way to pick myself back up. I've figured it out.

Last year I was so jubliant and in such a state of bliss not only because things were better in some fashion, but because I had football controlling my life. I thought it would be the same thing going into this new season, but lately I haven't been feeling it and I know why now: Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid. Last season I would bitch if I missed a game, even preseason, and now I haven't watched the past two matches and I could hardly care less. This season's RM is just pure shit to me. The games we have been playing lately are making me sick to my stomach they are so bad. We are so unorganized and I really cannot express how much I DESPISE the new signings. Canales, Khedira, Oezil, Leon, Di Mari, Calvarho...JUST GO AWAY. I can feel my face tightening and my eyes well up as my nose grows stuffy just thinking about this. What has happened? Six guys have managed to make me want to stop watching my team, my beloved team that is my heart and soul and is everything. On top of all the bullshit that has happened to me so far, Mourinho is making it far worse.

I jsut read that article someone posted, idk where, I think hala_madrid, and he makes me sick to my stomach I could just spit on him. He is direspectful if any of that is true. I can't even believe what I saw there and he is an arrogant bastard. I want him out and gone and until he makes this team as fabulous as he says he will, I have no faith, trust, or liking for him. I might take a brake from this season for RM. I don't want to go through the irritation of streams to watch a shit manager ruin the everything to being.

I'm being a little bitch, so sue me, this is how I feel and if you don't feel the same way, then sucks for you, but this is how I feel. Excuse me that I have feelings that aren't just random shit and babble. I'm a human being I have more to me than "Cesc Fabregas omnomnom." I'm so worked up about everything and I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I've put you guys through this bullshit (if you've been so unfortunate enough), but I knew at some point my high would end and I would fall back to the shit-feelings I had a year and a half ago. It was never going to last.

I'm just... I'm just so fucking pissed at every little thing. I can't even explain it. UUUUGHHHHH. JUST FUCK YOU MOURINHO. (....that felt good...)

ok, just had to get that out. I'm going to try and be better, I am, but without football, I'm a lost cause. I want my RM back :(
CRON uuuuh



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DO YOUR ICONS MAKE A STATEMENT: I like to think so, if not, then I enjoy them all on my own, yo.
WHAT FANDOM DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: Uhm, football...namely Cesc Fabregas
AND THE SECOND MOST: If not Cesc, then...Rafael Nadal? Cron?
WHAT SHIP DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF:  Sernando, but I don't ship.
ARE YOUR ICONS MADE MOSTLY BY OTHER PEOPLE: Uh yeah, only because I can't make shit that good.
ARE THEY ANY GOOD:  Sure, just not good enough for me to use over the awesome ones I find *cough, kanny*
ANIMATED ICONS ARE:  an obsession I wish I could make

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